Board of Directors

Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services was incorporated in 1974 under the Mass General Laws, Chapter 180 and is a 501 c(3) non-profit.  MHNHS owns three subsidiary corporations that participate in development partnerships. The MHNHS Board meets the 1st Monday of each month to conduct the business of the organization.

The Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services Board of Directors is a partnership of residents, local financial institutions, the City of Boston, the institutional community, and local retail merchants.  The Board consists of 27 volunteer members, 17 members are residents of Mission Hill representing various geographic areas of the neighborhood and the Mission Hill community at-large. Approximately one-third of the Board is elected each year by the Corporation’s membership at the annual meeting.  To become a member of the Corporation Mission Hill residents sign a membership form at the annual meeting.  The Board meets the first Monday of each month to conduct the business of the organization.

The Board of Directors has the following Committees: Executive Committee has the responsibility to the overall operations of the organization including programs, fundraising, budgets, and personnel; Membership and Outreach Committee has the responsibility for conducting membership and board recruitment along with the Annual Meeting and special events; Housing Services Committee implements homeowner services including homebuyer and homeowner classes and the Revolving Loan Fund home improvement program; Housing Development Committee is responsible for asset management of the existing housing developments and the implementation of new housing development projects; One Brigham Circle Committee represents MHNHS in the operations of the One Brigham Circle commercial development project and the Kevin W. Fitzgerald Park; Parcel 25 Committee has the responsibility for the implementation of the community planning and development process for Parcel 25; Neighborhood Planning; Development Review Committee reviews neighborhood planning, zoning, licensing, and development proposals.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS and OFFICERS 2015 – 2016  (Expiration of Term of Office)

Residents by Districts
RTH Area
Theresa Parks (2018)
Triangle Area
Ellen Moore (2016)
Alice Taylor Area
Matilda Drayton (2017)
Mission Main Area
Milagros DeLosSantos (2018)
Delle Avenue Area
Betty Commerford (2017)
Back of the Hill Area
Kay Gallagher (2015) – Secretary
Top of the Hill Area
Mort Ahmadifar (2018) – Assistant Secretary
Elizabeth Galvin (2017) – Treasurer
Judy Weldon (2016)
Susan St. Clair (2016)
Robyn Casper (2017)

Residents At-Large
Christopher Freiss (2016) – Assistant Treasurer
Richard Giordano (2018) – Vice President
Bruce Keary (2017) – Clerk
Maria Sanchez (2016) – President
David Welch (2016) – Assistant Clerk
David Wilhelmi (2018)

John Jackson (2018) – Tobin Community Center
Ramon Soto (2016) – City of Boston, Mayor’s Office
Sandra Pascal (2016) – Wentworth Institute of Technology
Miguel Fuentes (2017) – Fuentes Market
Shynnah Monge (2015)
Patricia Flaherty, Executive Director
Ricardo Sanchez, Senior Project Manager
Kiele Mauricio, Senior Asset Manager/Project Manager
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